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Touring Motorcycle Glove Reviews: Touring Booster Top Picks

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Motorcycle gloves were the second safety accessory that I purchased before leaving the dealership with my first motorcycle (the first was obviously the helmet). Why…because the rider uses his/her hands to access the majority of the motorcycle’s controls – and it’s essential they be kept protected from the elements (imagine trying to ride with your hands numb from the cold, sunburnt, or after being struck by a pebble at high velocity – not a pleasant thought).

Touring riders need to be extremely selective when choosing a glove – in addition to providing safety functionality (impact, abrasion, and weather element protection), the touring glove must provide a level of comfort that postpones rider fatigue as long as possible. It must also have the type of multi-faceted functionality that adheres to the comforts that the contemporary touring rider expects.

As with all gear, a higher investment yields a more functional touring glove – that being said, there are plenty of affordable options. Below is a list of Touring Booster’s top picks:

Firstgear Navigator Gloves

The First Gear Navigator touring glove offers a fair value for the price point – as it hits the majority of Touring Booster’s recommended attributes. It is a good starter glove for novice tourers and/or those who ride in milder weather conditions (i.e. spring/fall), it is less bulky (allowing for greater dexterity) and it allows the rider to operate a touch screen smartphone. For those looking to ride in colder climates, however, you might consider an upgrade. Please see below for an expanded list of pros and cons.



  • Hybrid – Leather reinforced 420d nylon outer shell

  • Leather palm with reinforcing panels

Protective Padding/Armor:

  • Impact padding on knuckles

  • Impact padding on top of fingers

  • Knox palm sliders

Hand Coverage:

  • Full Gauntlet -- Wrist securing strap & hook and loop gauntlet closure

Extra Features:

  • Smartphone touch sensitive index & thumb


  • Reflection details


  • Not waterproof

  • No insulated inner liner

  • Limited impact padding: No padding near the pinky area

Reax Ridge Waterproof Gloves

The Reax Ridge Waterproof Glove has a higher price point but has added features that provides adequate value. The most notable upgrade is its waterproof feature and the inclusion of an inner thermal liner, allowing for increased usage in colder climates and seasons. Also, it has touch screen functionality in the thumb as well as the index fingertips. The glove is known to run a bit small, so be mindful of this when choosing an appropriate size. See the pro/con list below:



  • Leather backhand, palm, out seam reinforcement

  • Superfabric palm insert

Protective Padding/Armor:

  • Leather wrapped protective knuckle

  • Hand Coverage:

  • Full Gauntlet – stretched poly gauntlet


  • Waterproof breathable liner

  • Moisture wicking ploy tricot lining


  • Reflective highlights

Extra Features:

  • Touch screen finger & thumb


  • Limited protective padding – none in pinky area

  • Common Criticism: glove runs a bit small

Rev'It Summit 3 H20 Gloves

The Rev’It Summit 3 H20 glove offers some noticeable upgrades for a marginal price increase. The most notable enhancement is the material – a textile leather hybrid comprised of goatskin leather and PWR Shell 500D, offering a high level of abrasion resistance and durability. It also has an advanced Hydratex breathable waterproof liner and some extra enhancements such as a visor wipe fingertip and a single motion closure system at the cuff. Our one major criticism is that the liner doesn’t offer the necessary insulation for long-term usage in colder climates (which is why we don’t give it the green checkmark for inner liner), categorizing it as a 3-season glove at best. See the pros/cons list below for more detail.



  • Hybrid -- Goat Skin Leather / PWR Shell 500D / PWR Shell 500D twill stretch / Flock polyurethane & polyurethane coated fabric / leather fingertip


  • Hydratex/Z-liner Waterproof breathable

Protective Padding/Armor:

  • Temperfoam thumb knuckle / underneath knuckle


  • Laminated reflection

Extra Features:

  • Single motion closure system at cuff

  • Visor wipe

  • Touch screen fingertip

  • Elastic at wrist


  • The glove runs a bit small and tight – fingers are narrow

  • No insulation liner – at best 2-3 season glove

Alpinestars SP-Z Drystar Gloves

The Alpinestars SP-Z Drystar glove is an exceptional touring glove – combining racing level impact and abrasion protection with touring level comfort and functionality. It has added synthetic leather reinforcement and padding on designated landing zones, PU knuckle protection, and energy absorbing EVA foam, as well as the stretch accordion fingers and touchscreen fingertip functionality. The one slight criticism we have is that the waterproofing detracts from the glove’s breathability, which might make riding in extreme heat a bit uncomfortable. Please see the pros/cons list below.



  • Leather-Polyamide hybrid fabric

Weather Proof:

  • Drystar waterproof membrane

Protective Padding / Armor:

  • Reinforcements on palm & thumb

  • Synthetic leather reinforced outer hand with padding on landing zones

  • Stretch insert on palm

  • Polyurethane knuckle protection

  • Energy absorbing EVA foam on palm, fingers, and backhand

  • Protective cuff closure


  • Leather stretch accordions on fingers for fit


  • Touchscreen index fingertip


  • Reflective insert on backhand


  • Sizing: Runs small

  • Due to waterproofing, does not breathe well

Held Air N Dry Gloves

The Held Air N Dry Gloves require a significantly higher investment than the previously mentioned options, but there are some included upgrades that help to justify the expense. The most significant upgrade is the inclusion of a Gore-Tex waterproof liner, which is the highest rated waterproofing material on the market. Also note that the glove is comprised of a textile-leather hybrid material (see list below), combining providing for superior abrasion resistance as well as weather element protection functionality. This glove has superior impact protection padding and armor and includes a number of comfort and utility enhancing features. Do note, however, that this glove does not include touch screen compatible fingertips. See the expanded pros and cons list below.



  • Gore-TEX membrane (Polyester, Polyurethane coating)

  • Leather detailed back lining


  • Waterproof compartment with Pique-Push lining

  • Gore-TEX 2in1 technology (waterproof chamber/unlined nonwaterproofed chamber)

  • Perforated leather back & hand for ventilation

Protective Padding / Armor:

  • Hard plastic knuckle armor

  • Abrasion resistant leather palm

  • Super fabric reinforcement on hand edge


  • Velcro wrist closures

  • Elasticated leather panels on back, thumb, & fingers


  • Visor wipe index finger


  • Reflectors


  • Run small

  • No Touch Screen Fingertips

Rukka Imatra Gore-Tex Gloves

The Rukka Imatra Gore-Tex Glove offers superior quality and functionality – and it should if you are paying attention to the price point. The majority of the value is found in the durability, safety, and weatherproofing features. First of all, this glove has a Gore-Tex waterproof exterior, which is the industry’s top-of-the line waterproof/windproof material. Second, in terms of impact protection, this glove is outfitted with both carbon knuckle and finger sliders, as well as an extra hard plastic palm slider. Generally, the full-leather feature would be somewhat of a criticism for a touring rider (textile or textile leather hybrid is preferred), but the included accordion mid-wrist section will allow for increase comfort and dexterity. The criticisms are the obviously high price point and the fact that, due to the insulative and waterproof features, this glove does not offer enough ventilation for summer riding. See an expanded pros/cons list below:



  • Full leather construction

Weather Proofing:

  • 100% water- and windproof Gore-Tex leather gloves

  • Outlast lining

  • Ventilation on sides of fingers

Protective Padding / Armor:

  • Carbon knuckle and finger protection

  • Scaphoid palm slider in hard plastic


  • Dual VELCRO® brand closure, wrist and cuff

  • Pinky finger bridge


  • Reflective piping


  • Visor wiper on both index fingers

  • Touchscreen fingertips on index and thumb

  • Warranty is valid for 2 (two) years from the date of purchase against faults in material or workmanship


  • High price point

  • Waterproof/windproof features make this glove less ideal for riding in high temperatures

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