Welcome to Touring Booster – a website dedicated to promoting and enhancing the motorcycle touring experience.  If you’re checking out this site, chances are that you’re all about that “2-wheel life”, and currently in one of the following three stages of motorcycle riding:

  • “Dreamer” Stage: 

You are sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, on your 20-25 mile / 45 min to 1-1/2 hour daily commute, in your nice, sensible, fuel-efficient (somewhat boring), automobile; and you’re frustration is heightened by that familiar, yet annoying sound of a motorcycle zipping between your car and the car in the adjacent lane, cheating his/her way through the congestion to the open road.On the surface, you’re resisting the urge to reach across to the passenger side door and open it, just as that damn two-wheeled intruder is about to pass your stationary car, sending him/her flying through the air and then crash landing into the trunk of a car, 5 spaces in front of your own.Secretly, however, you’re wishing you were on that motorcycle, zipping through traffic on your way to the open road.You’re dreaming of gearing up, revving the engine, opening up that throttle, and taking off like a rocket into parts unknown…you just need that extra push to get you there.

  • “About to Pull the Trigger” Stage: 

You’ve just completed your motorcycle rider-safety program and have become a full-fledged two-wheel addict.You long for the freedom and tranquility of the two-wheeled open road, but you’re still unsure as to what purchases you need to make to turn your dream into a reality.

  • “Hittin’ The Road” Stage: ​

You’ve got your license, the motorcycle, the helmet, the gloves, the boots – and you’ve hit the open road.You’re completely in love with the journey to parts unknown and feeling good about life.Then you approach a stop light and look to your right to the fellow cyclist beside you and notice that s/he’s got much cooler accessories that you have.You’re about to flip your visor up and ask your compatriot about those awesome modifications, when suddenly the light turns green and s/he takes off to parts unknown, leaving you, once again, in that highly coveting mindset with nowhere to turn.


Whether you’re in one of the aforementioned stages, an experienced road warrior looking to enhance your touring experience, or just researching ideas for a new hobby – this site will suit your needs.



So – why should you spend your precious downtime combing through the articles on this website?  Well, our main objectives are as follows:

  1. Introduce our visitors to the exciting world of motorcycle touring

  2. Offer tips and opinions as to what our visitors should look for in a 2-wheeled vehicle, accessory, etc. to best enhance the touring experience

  3. Offer a variety of product comparisons and reviews for every touring-based need

  4. Provide an open forum where visitors can share their experiences with featured products

  5. Assist riders of all stages (novice to experienced) in making quality purchases




About Me















I have been an avid motorcycle rider for the past 17 years, mostly one that enjoys long leisurely tours via open roads with very little "4-wheel" traffic.  There's no better way than to break up the monotony of a particularly uneventful weekend day than to gear up and go (I once left home at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, and ended up 150 miles from my starting point -- I made it back home just after midnight).  Currently, I ride a 2012 Suzuki Hayabusa (GSX-R 1300), and plan to do so as long as my back and other extremities can stand it!

That being said, I was always searching for ways to enhance the riding experience, via modifications and accessories that maximize convenience, efficiency, and comfort.  Unfortunately, like most novice weekend warriors, I knew very little about these types of accessories/modifications, where to find them, and which were the superior products.  I made a lot of poor purchasing decisions, during this time, and I'd like to help all visitors avoid these unfortunate missteps.  While I am not a professional motorcycle mechanic, or motorcycle accessory designer, retailer, or consumer advocacy expert, I am an enthused hobbyist, and I hope that all visitors will find my experience and insight helpful.




Please feel free to leave a post with suggestions related to how I can improve this site to suit your needs. 


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